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Going to Any Length for Our Hair

Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair
Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen
Give me down to there, hair, shoulder length or longer, hair, here baby, there, momma, everywhere, daddy, daddy—hair, flow it, show it, long as God can grow, my hair

From the musical “Hair” – 1967  


Going to Any Length for Our Hair

We love our hair!  We spend billions of dollars every year – cutting, styling and coloring, curling and straightening – and even more on shampoos, conditioners, rinses, sprays and other products that enhance shine, texture and thickness.


A beautiful head of hair helps reflect a healthy and “put together” look as well as presenting a fresh, more youthful appearance.  A great cut and style on men or women is a confidence builder, representing a sharp image, and communicates  “I take care of myself and I am putting my best foot forward”.   We value a “good hair day” and hair serves as a frame for our face both in our personal and professional interactions.


Historically, hair has been prized throughout the world. In ancient history, hair and elaborate wigs were signs of status and wealth. Lush hair was associated with royalty and good fortune. Cleoptra’s mane was famous as was Sampson’s hair; associated with inordinate strength. In Colonial times, the upper class wore white curly wigs and leaders wore them as a sign of intelligence and stature.  Hair was, and is still a powerful symbol and we go to great lengths to present our hair in its best form.


Both men and women experience changes with age and/or medical conditions that impact hair density, texture and volume.  There are roughly ten principal causes of thinning hair, or hair loss and it is important that a physician or other licensed clinician be involved with understanding and diagnosing the source of notable changes in your hair.



Male pattern baldness (MPB) is inherited from the mother’s side of the family whereas genetically based hair loss in women called “female pattern alopecia” can come from either side of the family.  It should be noted that both men and women typically experience a reduction in hair volume with age, and how and when that progresses varies by individual.



Various medications for diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease can create some level of hair loss, yet not everyone experiences this as a side effect. Talk to your prescriber about how a particular medication may affect your hair.



Alopecia areata, (not to be confused with genetically caused alopecia) is an auto-immune disease that can cause spotty hair loss or total baldness. A relatively understudied condition, new interventions are on the horizon to treat the troubling outcome of alopecia areata.


Traction Alopecia  (tightly pulled hair)

Hairstyles that pull the hair tightly including pony tails, braids, corn rows or other styles can cause hair loss particularly at the hairline.  Styles that put a lot of tension on hair can be avoided, and therefore preventing this type of hair loss.



As if cancer treatment is not stressful enough, hair loss from certain – not all chemotherapy agents really adds to the concern for patients.  In most cases, the hair will re-grow.  Patients often report experiencing a new texture or wave once their hair regrows.


Vitamin/Mineral Deficiencies

Hair thinning and loss can occur in certain cases of malnutrition and may be treated with iron or B-complex supplements.  A healthy diet including lean red meat, chicken, fish, beans and leafy greens can contribute to a healthy head of hair.  



Underproduction of key hormones that regulate metabolism can cause changes in hair volume and patchy hair loss. Your physician can easily test for thyroid levels as a part of ruling out thyroid as the cause for hair thinning or extensive loss.



This condition causes a patchy hair loss pattern and is typically associated with more rare conditions such as “Hallermann – Streiff” syndrome.



Ringworm of the scalp is a fungal infection in the hair shaft that generally occurs in 3 to 9 year olds and is highly contagious.  No longer a common occurrence – ringworm is treated with anti-fungal medications.



This condition is associated with obsessive/compulsive disorder (OCD) and is defined by an individual who picks, scratches and pulls at their hair.  If untreated, this disorder can cause baldness and scarring.


Anyone experiencing noticeable hair thinning and hair loss should see their physician or other licensed clinician to determine the cause, and obtain a professional recommendation for treatment and prevention of continued loss where possible. The good news is that there are exciting and effective solutions for restoring and maintaining healthy hair for both men and women.  Several approaches for thinning hair or hair loss are available today when the aging process or medical conditions create new challenges, and compromise the quality of your hair’s appearance.


Self Care for Thinning Hair

James Gartner, owner of Bii Salon in Dundee offers a number of tips for those experiencing a condition that results in thinning hair.  James recommends a gentle, chemical free shampoo free of sulfates and other additives. He also recommends air-drying hair when possible and minimizing styles that put tension on, or pull the hair tightly.  James says “there is no substitute for maintaining a great hair cut and a flattering style that reflects the best look for thinning hair.  Long thinning hair can look even thinner, and getting “weight” off of the style can really help.  We have had many clients who suffer from the effects of chemotherapy and other conditions that affect their hair.  We offer a compassionate approach that makes the absolute best of what can be a very stressful time for our clients. We enjoy helping to support them to feel better and work with what they are facing as changes occur.  We encourage anyone who is reluctant to go to the salon by assuring them that they will feel comfortable with our professional stylists.”


Over the Counter Hair Products for Thin Hair

There are some over the counter products that James recommends for thinning hair or hair that is re-growing.  James likes the Awaken line by Surface that is designed to preserve hair thickness and add fullness and texture to the hair strands. He especially likes the Awaken Therapeutic Treatment that is applied to the scalp before styling.


A Great Wig – Quality Has Never Been Better!

If hair loss is extensive or slow to regrow – a great wig is a terrific option today as the quality and style choices have never been better. Both natural hair and synthetic wig styles are endless, and can make a really important difference in our customer’s self image.  Ashly from Lulu’s Wiggin Out in Crystal Lake shares “we love working with our clients to select a perfect style and color that looks natural and complements skin tone and face shape.  We have a great deal of experience with individuals during very stressful times in their life due to cancer and other medical conditions, and we are focused on making the wig selection process and end result very positive, and pleasing to our customers. Our product line is extensive, and our clients  typically leave delighted with their choice.” We love our business because we know we make an important difference in how people feel about their appearance!


Medical Intervention

No longer is restoration of hair loss limited to men only! With most of us living longer, hair loss is not unusual. While certain males find complete balding or thinning areas on their scalp stressful or even devastating, women are, and never have been any less affected. The good news is that the latest treatments are effective for everyone.  It’s a great day when medical solutions have a wonderful impact on self-esteem and quality of life. Today specialty medical offices can offer hair restoration therapy, hair transplantation or scalp micro-pigmentation all of which are tailored to the specific needs of the client. There are multiple providers for these procedures which typically begin with a thorough interview and assessment to determine which approach if any, are appropriate given the reasons for the client’s hair loss.  


Innovative Medical Procedures – Hair Restoration – Safe and Permanent


PRP – Hair Restoration Therapy

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a treatment that involves localized injections of platelet rich plasma which contains a growth factor that stimulates the hair follicles.  Most patients get results from 3-6 treatments, eight weeks apart, and then a follow up maintenance treatment every 9-12 months following initial therapy.  Dr. Nader Aziz from Regency Medical Spa offers PRP treatments to his patients and also uses a complementary product line (Glytone by Ducray) of hair care products that include shampoo, lotion and a supplement to help support their treatment plan. Ideal candidates for PRP are those just beginning to notice hair loss and are wanting to preserve hair density and prevent further loss.  


Hair Transplantation


Hair transplantation and other approaches for thinning hair and hair loss have come a very long way in terms of process and results. CSO Aesthetics in Arlington Heights offers a personalized consultation for each client to determine which treatment is appropriate and most effective for each individual’s hair health. Dr. Cynthia Valukas from CSO Aesthetics shares one of their strategies for hair loss that is a minimally invasive, no scar hair transplantation method called Neograft®. “The Neograft® system uses something called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) where we gently remove individual follicles from the back of the head and then artistically implant them in areas where hair loss has occurred.  There is no scaring, less downtime and the results create a very natural looking hairline. We are so pleased to be able to offer procedures for hair restoration that literally changes our patient’s lives. Both men and women are ecstatic with their results and so happy they made the investment of time and resources in addressing their hair loss.”  


This procedure is actually medical grade tattooing that mimics the growth pattern of your hair. A semi-permanent solution, micro pigmentation is a non-surgical procedure with no down time and one that provides immediate results.  This procedure is an option for all stages of hair loss, and is optimal for the correction of scars.  Micro pigmentation results in a natural appearance and is appropriate for both men and women.  


If you are experiencing changes in your hair there is good news in that there are multiple solutions that restore and enhance your hair and address what can have a big impact on your image and self esteem. Whether it’s topical products, a great stylist, a quality wig or the available and improving innovation in medical procedures, there are many options to address thinning hair or hair loss.  


Coconut Oil: The Miracle Product


Coconut oil has become a staple in many households, not only in the kitchen, but outside of it as well!  Its uses range from a cooking oil to a hair product.  Here are just some of the ways coconut oil will become your can’t-do-without product.

1. Cooking — coconut oil is considered a healthier substitute than many cooking oils.  Just a tablespoon is all you’ll need to sautee a great stir fry or cook a turkey burger.

2. Moisturizer — Did you know coconut oil can take the place of your store-bought moisturizer?  It’s all-natural properties will get your skin glowing and combat dryness.

3. Hair care — Just a dollop on the ends of your tresses will leave your hair soft, healthy, and prevent split ends.  It is also proven to prevent frizz and dandruff.

4. Insect Repellant — For those of you who utilize essential oils, a combination of  peppermint and coconut oil is a natural way to keep the bugs at bay.

5.  Make-up Remover — Instead of reaching for the cold cream, keep a jar of coconut oil in your bathroom cabinet to take off the day.  It will even remove mascara!

6. Lip Balm —  Winter can be hard on lips.  When they’re dry and cracked, dip a Q-tip in coconut oil to soothe them all day long.

7. Face Mask —  Treat yourself to a homemade facial with another ingredient you’ll find in the kitchen: honey!  Combine 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of honey, let sit for 15-20 min., then apply.  Remove with a warm cloth.

8. Sunburn Treatment — On vacation and forgot to apply the sunscreen?  A combination of coconut oil and apple cider vinegar will be your sunburn’s best friend.  It provides instant relief and the oil’s healing properties will help your skin to recover.

9. Energy drink — Rather than grab that energy drink from the fridge, reach for a bag of chia seeds and the CO.  A tablespoon of each is an all-natural pick-me-up.

10. For your furry friends too! — Both dogs and cats can benefit from coconut oil as well!  A teaspoon added to their food on the daily prevents arthritis and contributes to gum health along with various other benefits.


The benefits of coconut oil are endless and there is no doubt you will find yourself replacing other store-bought products with this simple addition to your pantry.  How have you incorporated coconut oil into your household and daily beauty regimens?  Be sure to comment and share with the SW community!

bii Natural Salon: Buy 3 Haircuts, Get 1 Free

bii ownersAs eco-conscious, expert hair artists with ingredient sensitivities, James and Adam recognized the majority of local and national salons carry products that contain harmful ingredients to us and the Earth. “We wanted to change the salon industry for the better,” says James. Their dream of opening a salon that would keep both us and the planet beautiful came true in 2011 when they opened Bii Natural Salon. “We feel a sense of pride knowing our salon makes every effort to keep our environment pristine and our clients and staff safe from harmful ingredients,” says Adam. By providing personalized, chemical-free salon services, you can achieve beautiful, healthy hair in its natural state. Some of the many benefits include:

  • optimal condition
  • high moisture content
  • stronger texture
  • density and fullness
  • in-tact protein bonds
  • fullness and body
  • endless hair color possibilities
  • the ability to wear straight or curly hair
  • and more!

bii salon

Hair Health: Is it Bad to Wash your Hair Daily?

by Kara Kalamatas, Colorist, Couture 360 Salon

The question I often get asked as a colorist is: “Is it really bad for my hair to wash it every day? I workout, I sweat a lot, and my scalp is oily, so I can’t imagine not washing it daily. What do I do?” Yes, the myth is true; washing your hair every day causes more damage than we think because it actually dries your hair out and causes more oil secretion at your scalp, making your scalp more oily. In addition, your color will wash out quicker.

The secret weapon to avoiding this is dry shampoo. It is one of the most popular products in the salon industry today, and you’ve probably heard your stylist or friends talking about it. My favorite dry shampoo is the one we carry at Couture 360 Salon made by Kevin Murphy, called Fresh Hair. You may even have a can of dry shampoo at home but don’t know how to use it. There are a few tricks I will share with you, so you use your dry shampoo to its fullest potential.

  1. Lightly spray your dry shampoo at the roots on top of your head, crown area, hairline and nape of your neck. Don’t worry about being exact. Spray it at least a foot away, so you can cover more area. You may notice it comes out as a light powdery color; that’s okay.
  2. Next, let the dry shampoo sit for a few minutes while it works its magic by drying up all of the oils from your hair and scalp.
  3. Take a paddle brush, and brush your entire head. This moves the dry shampoo around and distributes it all over so no oily areas remain.
  4. Take a round brush and a blow dryer, and reshape your hair on top of your head and around the crown area. The heat from the blow dryer reactivates the dry shampoo, and the round brush creates shape and volume.

That’s it! This will take some practice, but you’ll master this technique in no time and will think twice about washing your hair daily!

Couture 360 is located at 195 S. Rand Rd. in Lake Zurich. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (847) 540-5500.

couture 360 logo

Are Hair Extensions for Me?

Have you considered hair extensions? How do they work and are they right for you? Couture 360 owner Rose DePaola and her staff in Lake Zurich are experts in this service and welcome your questions.

Q: What are hair extensions?
A: Hair extensions are either strands or strips of hair put in to add length or volume

Q: Will anyone know I am wearing extensions?

A: No one will be able to tell its not your hair. With proper application no one will know but you.

Q: What type of hair is used?

A: We use 100% human hair of highest quality and apply strand by strand.

Q: How do you match the color if I have highlighted hair?

A: We mix several different strands to match your color exactly.

Q: Can I use a blow dryer or curling iron?

A: Yes, because we use human hair, you treat it just as your own. You can do everything you normally do. We advise you use professionally recommended products to extend the lush and natural look.

Q Are extensions suitable for all hair types?
A: Yes, curly straight, wavy, every type of hair.

Q: How long can I expect my extensions to last?

A: Between 4-6 months, depending on your own hair growth.

Q: Can I color and cut my hair after extensions?

A: Yes you can color and cut your hair as normal.

Q: Can I get extensions simply because I need fuller hair?

A: Yes we can add any amount to enhance any look you wish to achieve.

Q: Do I need long hair to have extensions?

A: No, we can do any length and any age. We can simply add a fuller head of hair. We recommend consultations before any service. To
ensure we achieve the look that you wish and get the head of hair you dream of!


“I I never thought extensions were for me until Rose at Couture 360 encouraged me to try a few to enhance fullness. Three months later, I had a full head of hair extensions added for overall volume and length, and I love them. Friends and family are amazed at how natural my hair looks, and I’m having so much fun trying out new looks and styles. I love my new hair extensions, and highly recommend the expert staff at Couture 360!”
–LAURA CAVANAGH, Publisher, The Suburban Woman


Giveaway: Keratin Treatment, Haircut and Style ($300 Value)

Arlington Heights’ Hair For You Salon is sponsoring this giveaway for a Keratin hair treatment, haircut and style. Keratin is a protein naturally found in your hair that is used as a hair-straightening product. Following the Keratin treatment, your blow-dry time can be reduced by 40 to 60 percent; you can forget about frizzy hair, even if you’re in humidity or rain; and your hair will always look beautiful. Your new smoother, silkier hair will be complete with a stylish haircut and style of your choice.

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winner: Dana! 

In addition to Keratin treatment, haircuts and styling, Hair For You Salon caters to those experiencing hair loss due to illness or alopecia by offering synthetic, human hair and wig blends; hairpieces; hair shaping; makeup; and quality turbans and hats. They also offer hair extensions, waxing and acupuncture. For more information about Hair For You Salon, visit their website, or call (847) 259-4968.



Hair Extension Makeovers by Studio 62

What a beautiful difference! Check out the two clients below and how Anna Suarez, Owner and Stylist at Palatine’s Studio 62 gave them their dream look . Whether you want extra length, more volume, thicker hair, some bounce or non-permanent funky color, extensions may be the perfect option for you.  Studio 62 offers some great prices and uses 100 percent protein-bonded hair extensions (no glue). These can last from six to eight months with good care.  Visit their website for more information, or call the salon at (847) 358-8000.

***Click here to enter to win Studio 62’s giveaway for a free haircut (a $50 value)!***

Client Before and After Extension by Studio 62.

Client Before and After Extensions by Studio 62.














The Top 10 Benefits of Hair Extensions
by Anna Suarez, Studio 62 Owner and Stylist

  1. Add color without damaging your hair. Get highlights with a color of your choice or add in a funky color.  Colors won’t fade, and you can remove them whenever you’re over it.
  2. Hide your split ends. With hair extensions, your dehydrated ends will be covered up, leaving your hair looking healthy and shiny.
  3. Get the long hair you’ve always wanted.  Extensions can instantly give you up to 20 inches in just a few hours.
  4. Grow your natural hair out.  Give your hair a break with extensions and allow your hair the time it needs to grow to your desired length.
  5. Plump up your hair.  Give your hair extra volume and movement with extensions, and achieve the style you’ve always wanted.
  6. Look younger.  Hair extensions will give you a healthier, younger more beautiful look.
  7. They’re not permanent.  Unlike colors and cuts, extensions can be reversed whenever you want with no effect on your hair.
  8. Unlimited styling possibilities. Rock a cute ponytail, up-do or style you wouldn’t be able to with your natural hair.
  9. Gain confidence. You’ll feel sexier and more youthful looking with your new look.
  10. Keep your curl. Extensions will help give you that curl you’ve always desired, and make it last all day.
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